Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hand Press Manual Citrus & Fruit Squeezer – Commercial

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  • %100 pure stainless steel
  • Designed for heavy duty
  • Manual hand press
  • Maximum juice output
  • 2 year warranty

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  • MAXIMUM EXTRACTION: The extractor arm exerts up to 2000 pounds of force to ensure maximum juice output with minimum skin oil and pulp residue.
  • ACID-RESISTANT FINISH: The %100 pure stainless steel metal components, as well as the enamel finish, resist wear and tear from exposure to citrus acids. It is much more stronger and durable than cast iron & weak aluminum juicers.
  • JUICE EVERY FRUIT: While most fruit juicers are designed only to squeeze orange juice, Extra heavy duty stainless steel manual-hand press commercial citrus juicer is a hand held press juice maker, heavy duty, and professional machine built to squeeze any fruit you can throw at it. You can do more with this extractor than with our competitors. Whether you’ve got an orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit or even a pomegranate, this extractor handles it all, making it perfect for use in bars, restaurants, industrial kitchens, street shops or at home. Our filter design allows only juice and no seeds into your glass.
  • GET EVERY LAST DROP OF JUICE – HEAVY & LARGE MACHINE, BEST FOR COMMERCIAL USE: Whether you’re operating a freshly squeezed lemonade stand at the street fair or you’re in charge of a commercial kitchen, our citrus press is designed for the rigors of the food service industry. The smart filter design is LARGE, over an inch larger than our competitors, meaning it accommodates larger fruits. It won’t budge, tilt or move when in use. A heavy base means a safe machine. That’s what we deliver
  • USE FOR UP TO 10 YEARS – HAND MADE DURABILITY: The juicers are handmade with the highest standards of the EU, our juicer thoroughly inspected and tested. The juicer is made of food grade, FDA approved stainless steel and uses a design that has an 80 year proven track record for strength, durability and reliability. This professional commercial-grade juicer has international quality certifications(CE) and is built to squeeze hundreds of fruits daily!
  • MAKES SQUEEZING JUICE EXTREMELY EASY AND COMFORTABLE – LONG 16” HANDLE: Our ergonomic handle’s length creates a strong counter force. If you’re squeezing all day your arm won’t get fatigued because the handle’s pressure does most of the work for you. The handle and smart filter design allows more juice extraction from each squeeze, saving you time. In addition, the weight of our juicer keeps it from tipping over and our design keeps hands and fingers clean & safe while operating
  • HAVE PEACE OF MIND – AMAZING SUPPORT AND 2 YEAR WARRANTY: These juicers are primarily for a professional environment, with that, comes professional support. We have full confidence in the quality of our product, so we include a 2 year warranty with each purchase. Our juice squeezers are made using FDA approved polish, which creates an enamel that won’t crack, peel or rust, even after years of citric acid and cleaning. The result is healthy and clean juice.

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In 2011 we launched The Lemonade Project, which is a fund-raiser for Food Stamp recipients who shop our local Farmers Market. We make freshly squeezed lemonade to order. We started with 1 of these juicers and after making hundreds of lemonades all summer long for 7 years, finally purchased a second one this year. (yes we are that busy!) I can say with conviction, that these juicers are the best! Our first one still squeezes well, but the post is a bit wobbly (side to side ) resulting in a need to have the 1/2 of lemon centered properly before pulling the handle. I cannot find a way to adjust the post so we just take extra care. Since we purchased a new one, we use it for the main station, and the older one for auxiliary backup. After 8 summers and thousands of lemonades I would say this product did well!!


This juicer was worth every penny that I spent on it. It's so easy to use, just pull the handle down, and, presto bingo, you've got juice. There's hardly anything left in the shell of the orange peel... it juices cleanly and thoroughly. I donated my old electric citrus juicer to the thrift store... no more splatters all over the kitchen counter! We used to hesitate to use the electric juicer because it was so messy. The clean up was factored into the juicing... what a hassle! We live in Southern California and there are many citrus trees in the area, so we missed out on lots of delicious juicing because of the mess. No more! We are drinking a lot more fresh squeezed juice now that this amazing device is in the kitchen. It's perfect for oranges, lemons, limes, etc. We've juiced kiwi and pomegranates, too. The pomegranates are a nice bonus, because they are nearly impossible to juice any other way.


It's expensive but SO worth it. The weight alone tells you it's built to last. Absolutely amazing! Lemons, limes, oranges, citrus in general doesn't stand a chance once cut in half and squeezed by this thing. I use it for a lemonade stand and the speed, simplicity and ease of this machine is so worth it. It cost more than my tent but hey, IT'S SOLID!!! Regardless, this thing is perfect. Pro Tip #1) Don't use the handle for the 'free fall' of the press. Use the little black 'plunger' handle up top to press down and pull up. Speeds the process up 100%. Pro Tip #2) The best juice is 1/2 lemon, 1/2 lime and 1/2 orange. Add simple syrup, ice, water and shake. The most refreshing drink ever! You WILL enjoy this product as there is absolutely NO waste. Hope this review helped. By the way, the package arrived on time, fast delivery to canada.