Portable Alkaline Hydrogen Water Generator Machine & Bottle | 1st Gen USB Rechargeable Ionizer 14 oz

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  • New dual use design
  • SPE-PEM membrane
  • High quality glass
  • Rechargeable

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  • HYDROGEN RICH WATER: This new 14 oz(420ml) 2020 SPE-PEM Portable USB Rechargeable Hydrogen Rich Water Generator Machine & Bottle | Alkaline Water Ionizer is all you need! Only three minutes to reach the high concentration of 1100ppb
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of premium borosilicate glass, high quality and safe to use.
  • 2020 SPE/PEM TECHNOLOGY: Manufactured with latest 2020 latest SPE PEM technology, which is far better than ordinary water generators or ionizers. Improved 2020 SPE PEM technology has many benefits over ordinary old technology.
  • NO HARMFUL SUBSTANCES: No ozone chlorine and other harmful substances
  • RECHARGEABLE: Hydrogen-rich cup of high-quality polymer lithium battery,that make it longer charge life; It uses Micro USB power connector, charging more convenient.
  • EASY AND FAST: It only needs 3 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be directly drunk. No need to maintenance.
  • NEW UPGRADED DUAL USE BASE: It is now available with 2019 upgraded dual-use plastic water bottle connector.
  • ELEGANT APPEARANCE: Beautifully designed with led lighting tech.

  1. Plug the device to any USB port and wait 2-3 hours to be fully charged
  2. Fill the bottle with water. Make sure the temperature is below 40C degrees
  3. Click the power button, the blue light indicates it is generating hydrogen
  4. Wait 1-3 minutes to reach optimum hydrogen concentration
  5. Turn off the device
  6. The machine has a smart CPU which adjusts the hydrogen concentration automatically
  7. Hydrogen generating duration and bubble frequency change automatically at different types of water(tap water, distilled water)
  8. The machine stops producing hydrogen once the concentration reaches to enough level
  9. The machine doesn’t need any major maintenance
  10. Use citric acid(lemon juice or white vinegar) to clean the electrode plate at the bottom. Mix citric acid with warm water(not hot water) and fill the bottle. Let it sit for 60 minutes, then rinse. It is recommended to clean every 20 uses
  11. We don’t recommend running it without water. It might burn the ionizer
  12. Please keep the bottle away from any fire source while it is running
Package list: 1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer 1 * USB Cable

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Customer Reviews

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I tried this using my faucet water, our filtered water, and our alkaline water pitcher water - one cycle only - taste good, and alkalinity test results is 'blue' in color (~8-9 PH) I brought to the office, tried our water from the faucet - one cycle only - blue alkaline drops test (~8-9 PH) and used an ORP tester = - 300 on the meter Did another round of test but this time, two-cycles (6 minutes) - Darker blue than previous results (~8-9PH) and ORP ~ - 600


I like just about everything except instructions are in chinese (don't scare, it is very easy to use). It holds a good charge, so I don't need to plug it in often, it doesn't leak, I like the rainbow lights , I like the general appearance and finish, and I love drinking the water. I may be releasing some weight, early to say yet. Tip: I add a tiny amount of celtic sea salt to the jug I fill this from, which may assist the electrolysis. I like that they give you a spare washer seal--smart.


I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship of the unit and the level of generation of H2 which was always within the quoted specs. As an engineer, I will always check everything, leaving nothing to chance and this unit meet my expectations. This unit is well worth the money and the customer support is phenomenal. When I had questions or needed guidance, the seller got back to me always within hours even minutes. If you're looking for an excellent H2 generator with great support, I sincerely recommend this one. Instructions in Chinese but it was not a big deal for me since it's a basic one button device.

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